Time to Partner Up!

Increase your revenue by working with us to bring Myndbend Process Manager™ and other Myndbend products to your clients and customers. The more you know and sell our products with effort and expertise, the more you'll be rewarded!

We offer three easy ways to make money from selling our products:

Referral Partner

Send your customers our way and we'll pay you a referral commission for each sale that results from your referral. Prospective customers will love to hear how we amp up problem-solving value to your service offerings as well!

Resale Partner

Resell Myndbend Process Manager™ as a value-add to your customers using the tools and training we provide, then send us our share of the profits.

Integration Partner

Integrate your app with Myndbend Process Manager™ for a revenue share. Reach more customers and keep your current customers intrigued with what value proposition is coming next!

These value-based programs are powerful sales tools you can use to leverage your assets...at the same time that we leverage ours.

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