Myndbend Process Manager

Myndbend Premium allows you to automate and scale the best features from Myndbend.

What can you do with Myndbend Premium?

Automatically add approvers

Automatically add approvers to any ticket based on custom criteria and create a sequence of approvals before a ticket can proceed

Automatically create child tickets

Create ticket templates for repeatable processes and automatically generate child tickets based on custom criteria

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What do these advanced capabilities look like in practice?

Let’s say your customer service team gets a service ticket in Zendesk from a VIP client.

Because it’s from a VIP client, Myndbend automatically creates a child ticket from the original request and sends it up the line to Tier 2 Support. Upon examination, Support creates a ‘hot fix’ solution for the client, and the Engineering Manager is automatically sent an approval request for this action before the child ticket can be resolved in Zendesk.

All the while, the original ticket remains with the help desk so that the first level of support can continue to update the customer as the ticket progresses.

Myndbend lets you automate all of this based on the triggers and processes needed in your specific workflow

The Myndbend Premium Plan is designed to streamline your Zendesk processes while minimizing your costs. Click on Pricing & Feature Breakdown to learn more about the pricing and feature breakdown of the features offered in our free version vs our premium version.