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Many processes (HR Onboarding, IT Change Management, etc.) are too complex to play nicely with Zendesk’s built-in capabilities. This means your team gets bogged down with busy work, repetitive tasks, and chasing approvals from different departments.

That’s where Myndbend can help. You can use Myndbend to automate and organize complex processes.

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Dynamic Process Management

Let's say you're providing application access to a new employee. Once you have a ticket for the new hire, Myndbend will automatically request approval from the employee's manager and auto-create and assign a child ticket to the application owner.

Once approval is received and the child ticket is solved (ie. access provisioned), you can communicate to the employee through Zendesk and close out the new hire ticket.

Best of all, you can track all progress and approvals across departments right in your Myndbend approval dashboard and Zendesk ticket views.

It’s all handled seamlessly.

Why Myndbend?

We’re not just a dev shop of engineers building apps. We’re a team of operations and process experts with decades of experience, and we've built our products to solve real workflow issues.

We’ve also been a Zendesk Official Partner for more than ten years, and our enterprise solutions will have a real, measurable impact on your Zendesk-managed processes.

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Featured case study

  • Industry: Financial Services & Technology
  • Team Size: 500+ Agents
  • Customer Size: 5,000+ End Users
  • Use Case: Automated approval process for finance including hierarchy of approvers and cross-departmental ticket escalations.
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